How to create a news website

If you have a passion for journalism, starting an online news website is a great way to inform others and share your articles with the world. You can reach a really wide audience if you put enough work into it.

Making a news website these days is much easier and cheaper than it was several years ago.

In this article, I’ll show you how to launch a news site in three easy steps using the Zyro website builder.

I am using Zyro because of its simplicity and many intuitive features, beautiful templates, SEO friendly, and affordable prices.

1. Get a Catchy Domain Name

However, having all of the options can also be overwhelming, especially for a beginner.

Before launching an online news website, you need to decide how it will be named. Besides using it as the brand name for your online news, you will use it as your website’s domain name — a website address with which people can access your site.

Choosing a short and catchy domain name will help readers find your site easily. For example, news websites like HuffPost, TruthOut, and RawStory all use short names that are easy to remember.

If you’re running out of ideas, try using Zyro’s free domain name generator. Just enter your keywords, and this AI-powered generator will show plenty of domain suggestions to choose from.

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Once you spot the right name for your site, find out if the domain is still available and how much it costs. A domain name’s price can range from $10 to $15 per year, depending on the domain extension that you choose.

To register your domain, create a Zyro account first, and choose a plan you prefer. All plans come with free web hosting, templates, SSL certificate, and customer support.

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With the free plan, you will still need to pay for the custom domain you chose earlier. Otherwise a .zyrosite’ subdomain will be included within your domain name.

However, you can get a custom domain name for free if you opt for the Zyro Basic plan.

2. Choose a News Website Template

Choosing the right design can affect the performance of your site and impact the experience of your visitors. Since a news website is rich in content, you should plan its design accordingly.

Opting for a simple and elegant template will help readers to focus more on your content. Leave enough white space on your web page and choose a clean font to give your website a professional look.

Using a responsive template is essential for your news site. By making your site accessible from any device, you will expand your potential user base and generate more traffic to your website.

You need not worry about making your website responsive yourself — all Zyro templates look great on all devices.

Go to the templates section to find dozens of designer-made website templates to choose from. These templates are also SEO optimized and customizable — you can change the color scheme, layout, and font easily.

Hover over a template and select Preview to see how it looks. After finding the right one, click Start Building to get going.

3. Edit Your News Template With Zyro Website Builder

Before editing your template, you should establish a goal of what your news site should look like. Once you have an idea, start using the Zyro website builder to edit your template.

Its drag-and-drop function, combined with the grid system, will help you to modify your site with ease. All of the templates are flexible — you can customize them to be anything you want.

To make your content easily scannable for readers, use a grid-based layout on your front page to display the most important content. A horizontal navigation bar is also a common feature we see in most news sites.

Some websites provide category-based menus — politics, businesses, lifestyle, etc. — on the top page to help readers find what they’re looking for.

In the website editor, you can click on an existing element to edit, delete, or copy it. To reposition a component, you can drag and drop it.

To add new elements, such as text, button, video, image, social icons, and map to your website, click on the Add elements at the top of the editor page.

If you want to create content categories on your news site, you can click the Home button at the left top corner of the page and select Add New Page.

Once you’ve finished modifying the template, click on the Publish Site button at the top right corner of your site.

No need to worry if you forget to save your progress. All of the changes you’ve made will be automatically saved in your Zyro account.

The Benefits of News Websites

Once you’re able to grow your site and get more readers, you will be able to explore more opportunities for you to start monetizing your news website.

One of the most common sources to get money from a site is by using Google AdSense. This cost-per-click program is an effective way to make money online. For every click on an advertisement on your site, you will get a commission.

Another way to make money in this niche is by offering direct advertisements. For instance, if your site is focusing on local news, then you can provide advertising opportunities for some businesses in your area. You can use banner ads to promote the brands, as you commonly see in most news websites.

You can also monetize your online news by employing paid subscriptions to your readers. Creating exclusive content or giving ad-free access to your site are examples of what to offer to the readers who pay for the subscription.

Paid articles are also the source of income for some news websites. However, publishing paid pieces will require more skilled copywriters that can offer real value to readers.

Bonus Tips for News Websites and Magazines

Providing up-to-date content to the readers is essential for a great news website. Delivering articles consistently can increase your credibility as well as make a larger audience aware of your content.

Offering fresh and exciting news can also improve your SEO. If your readers spend a long time on your site, it will enhance your dwell time and boost your rank on search engine results.

Since your headline is the first thing readers see from your article, coming up with intriguing ones can catch their attention. It can draw readers in to click on your post and go through your content.

To drive more traffic to your site, integrate your website with social media. Adding sharing buttons on your posts or links to your social media profiles can help spread your content through social channels and increase your online presence.

Once you monetize your online news, make sure to limit the advertisements on your site. Too many unrelated ads can definitely annoy your user base, making them leave your website.

To prevent this from happening, you can take a look at the Zyro AI Heatmap and find the right space for your ads.

All in All

Creating a news website is easy.

The challenging part is the process of getting more readers to visit your site. Regularly publishing fresh and exciting content can help.

Before launching your website, choose a short and catchy domain name that is sure to capture the attention of any potential readers.

Finding the right template is also crucial for your website design. Since your content is the hero of your site, make sure to use a clean font and a minimalist color scheme — a pleasing aesthetic will definitely win points with your readers.

By using a website builder like Zyro to create your news site, you can save yourself time and energy. You can create a website without worrying about other essential features, such as responsive templates, SEO friendliness, and security.

Now that you’ve learned just how easy it is to create a website, it’s time to get started and finally create an online home for your news articles.

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