How tall is arnold Schwarzenegger

One of the better ways to determine Arnold’s height is by looking at photographs of him taken, while he is barefoot, against others who’s height is known. Fortunately, since Arnold was a competitive bodybuilder, we can do just that.

Dave Draper is known to be 6′0″. See the photo above and the photo below where Arnold is standing directly next to Dave. Arnold is noticeably taller than Dave, in both photos.

Reg Park is listed at 6′1″ at some sites, and 6′2″ at others. Arnold appears to be the same height as Reg Park.

Frank Zane is 5′9″ and you can see Arnold is at least a few inches taller than Frank.

In the photo below Arnold is standing next to Cuban bodybuilder Sergio Oliva, who is listed at 5′10″.

In this final photo, that’s the great Boyer Coe on the far left, and Frank Zane on the far right. Again, Zane is listed at 5′9″. Coe is also listed at 5′9″. Arnold is clearly a few inches taller than both Coe and Zane.

Thus, there’s just no way in the world Arnold is only 5′7″ or 5′8″ tall, as one of the other answered claimed. (A prior answer said he was four or possibly five inches shorter than 6′0″. I reject that claim.)

I would go a bit further and say, based upon these photos, there is also no way he was less than 6′0″. In these photos and MANY others that I did not upload, all taken while Arnold was barefoot, you can see he is noticeably taller than those he is standing next to, who are known to be 6′0″.

My best guess is this: Arnold was AT LEAST 6′0″ tall and possibly a tad more than 6′1″. I don’t think he was quite 6′2″.

I say “was” because it’s unknown how much height he has lost since these photos were taken. (It’s a fact that most men shrink as they age.) I don’t believe he’s lost more than an inch or so.

Arnold claimed he used to be 6′1″ and three quarters, but now he is only 6′1″. Until there is actual evidence that overturns this, I see no reason why one should not believe it.

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