How to make charcoal in minecraft

Things Needed to Make Charcoal :-

  • Logs Or wood.
  • Fuel.

Furnace :-

  1. Open Crafting Table
  2. Place Cobblestone In All Cell Except The Middle Cell Of Grid.
  3. Pick The Furnace Or Move It To Your Inventory.

Any Fuel :- You Can Use Coal, Wood Planks, Wooden Tools Etc.

Logs :-

When You Break The Tree You Will Get Logs.

Making Charcoal :-

  1. Place Furnace Anywhere And Open It When You Will Open It You Will See There Are Three Cells Present There One On The Top And One Down It And One In The Middle .
  2. place Logs In Top Cell And Fuel In Down Cell.
  3. After Some Time Your Charcoal Is Prepared. Pick It Or Move It To Your Inventory From Middle Cell.

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