How to make gears in solidworks

  1. Step 1:1. Open SW, then create a new document and choose Front Plane and sketch
    2. Draw a 3x circule from the centre for construction. Dimeters: 100mm, 85mm and 76mm.
  2. Step 2:3. Select Centerline and drav 4 lines, like in the photo.
  3. Step 3:4. Select a 3 PointArc and draw a line from the 2. to the 3. line.
    5. Select a Line and draw a line frome 3PointArc to the first circule and make Tangent!
    6. Select Centerpoint Arc and draw from the center to the 1.circul where the 1.construcion line is and to the In the photo you se this as a green line.
    7. Select Centerpoint Arc and do the same but from the the 4. construction line
    8. Draw a line from the center to the first circul.
  4. Step 4:9. Select Mirror Entities and first choose the entities to mirror and step dwo Mirror about and choose the line ( line). and OK
  5. Step 5:10. Close the Sketch
    11. Features and select Extruded Boss. Depth 10 mm and OK.
  1. Step 6:12. Go wher you have Linear Pattern and CHOOSE Circular Pattern. no.of instances: 20 and ok
  2. Step 7:13. that is it 🙂

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3D printing the Gears in solidworks tool box

3D printing the Gears in solidworks tool box

It doesn’t seem so hard , but the tool box in solidworks has always been problematic for me , so with the lockdown I got enough time to tinker around it and try to figure out how to use the gears in solidworks . For a beginner to solidworks, here are some design tips

  1. Do the relevant calculations beforehand , finding the modulus , number of th teeth , and the face thickness of the gear (this can be adjusted later but easier this way )
  2. Open a new assembly , then open the toolbox and get the required gears , don’t worry about the bore diameters and other stuff
  3. After adding the gears you need , open those gears separately ( right click on the part and then click open part function ) and “save as” a new part. Then you can start editing the part as you wish
  4. When 3D printing a gear assembly ( specially a planetary gears ) before start editing the ring gear , scale it by 101% so you can have a smooth operations. Without any gear jamming

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