What is YouTube Shorts. How to earn Money using YouTube Shorts.

The easiest way to earn money online is ‘Youtube Shorts’. If you want to earn online sitting at home. So youtube is giving you a golden opportunity to earn money. In today’s article we will know that How to earn money using YouTube shorts

Talent is not a fascination for anyone. Just needed. So a right platform to show that talent, in such a situation, you can earn lakhs of rupees a month by showing your talent on Youtube in the form of Youtube Shorts Videos.

If we talk about online paise kamane ka tarika. So there are lots of ways to earn money. Such as blogging, affiliate marketing, freelancing etc. But you have to work hard to earn money with their help.

On the same Youtube Shorts, you can earn money very easily by creating shorts videos of just 15 seconds to 1 minute. It will take less time and effort to make these videos.

If seen, Tik Tok has tempted everyone to watch Shorts Videos. Due to which now you get to create and watch Shorts Videos on every single platform. But now you can also earn money from youtube shorts. Let’s know How to earn money using YouTube shorts.

How to earn money using YouTube shorts.

Youtube Shorts is a new short video platform of Youtube itself. Youtube is giving an opportunity to the creators making popular videos on this app to earn from Rs 7 thousand to Rs 7 lakh per month.

Actually Youtube has recently launched a fund for its youtube shorts. Which is $100 million for 2021-22. You can earn money through these funds.

Youtube Shorts Fund will be distributed to all those eligible creators. Creators whose shorts will have more views and engagement. The shorts fund will be available on the basis of the monthly performance of the creators.

Any creator who fulfills the eligibility criteria of Youtube. He can participate in YouTube Partner Program (YPP) and earn between $100 to $10000.

How will YouTube Shorts viewership count?

If you make Youtube Shorts Video this month. So the Viewership Count of that video will not be for that month only. Rather, it will be counted in the next months also.

This means that if you made a video this month. But due to low viewership and engagement, you did not become eligible to earn money. So you can qualify next month also.

Apart from this, the creator will also get a chance to get a bonus based on the performances of the shorts videos made last month.

What are YouTube Shorts?

By the name of the word Shorts, you must have understood that Youtube Shorts is a place to create a short video. You get the option of YouTube Shorts inside the YouTube App itself. In this you can make video from 15 seconds to 60 seconds.

YouTube’s youtube shorts platform has become quite popular after the ban of Tik Tok in India. Like Tik-Tok, you can also create and upload short videos on YouTube Shorts.

YouTube Shorts are short time videos. Its minimum length is 15 seconds and maximum is up to 59 seconds. Apart from this, the video should be vertical and in the format of 9/16.

What are the feature of YouTube Shorts?

What are Youtube Shorts? You have come to know Let us now know what features are given in YouTube Shorts.

  1. Add Music –

With the help of this feature, you can add ‘Music’ to your video. In this you will get a list of old, latest and trending songs. You can add your favorite song to your video by tapping on Add Music option.

You can find the song of your choice by typing it in the search and record your video with that song.

  1. Camera –

As a camera, you get 2 options of front camera and back camera. You can use the camera to record videos according to your need.

  1. Upload

If any video is already recorded in your phone. So with the help of this option, you can directly select and upload that video present in your phone gallery.

  1. Timer

After how much time do you want to start recording your video? You can adjust with the help of Timer.

Suppose if you have set a timer of 10 seconds. So when you start recording. So after 10 seconds your video shoot will start.

  1. Speed ​​–

With the help of Speed ​​option, you can increase and decrease the speed of your video. That is, the speed of the video can be slow and fast.

What is the eligibility to make YouTube Shorts?

While making YouTube shorts videos, it is very important for you to take care of some special things. Because your video will be eligible for Youtube only.

  • YouTube shorts should be shot in Portrait Mode.
  • The length of Youtube Shorts should be between 15 seconds to 59 seconds.

Shorts should be used in the title or description of the video.

YouTube Shorts Video Kaise Banaye 2021
You must have a youtube account to upload videos to youtube. Because only then you can create your own channel on youtube and upload short videos in it.

Let us now know what is the way to make YouTube shorts video?

Step 1: Open YouTube app and tap on the most dancing “+” icon.

Step 2: Now you tap on the option ‘Create a Short’.

Step 3: By tapping on the option of Create a Short, all the features of YouTube shorts will come in front of you. About whom you have come to know about yourself.

Step 4: To add music to the video, tap on “Add Music” and choose the music of your choice.

Step 5: Now you record your video and upload it by tapping on the record button.

Step 6: If there is any video already recorded in your phone. So you can upload that too.

Step 7: After uploading the video, you can adjust the speed of that video. Like if you want to show your video in slow motion or want to show it fast.

Step 8: After that tap on the next option.

Step 9: Now you will see preview of video and music. If everything is fine then tap on Next button.

Step 10: In Add Details, you have to fill the complete details of the video –

  • Title – Enter the title of your shorts video.
  • Public – Leave this option as it is. Because when this option will be public. Only then your video will reach the entire audience.
  • Select Audience – Here you will see 2 options.
  1. In the first option, you are being asked whether this video of yours is for children. If your video is for kids. So select Yes or else select No.
  2. In the second option you are being asked Do you want to restrict your video to an Adult Audience? You leave it at the default.

Step 11: Finally now you tap on the Upload button. So that your video gets uploaded.

In this way you can very easily create and upload Youtube Short Videos

YouTube Shorts Fund Eligibility Criteria

YouTube clearly says that Shorts Fund will be given to only those creators. Who is the Original Video Creator. Apart from this, there are some other important requirements as well. Which is mandatory for all creators to follow.

  1. Your video should follow YouTube’s Community Guideline, Copyright and Monetization Policy.
  2. Your youtube channel and video should not have logo and watermark of any third party social media. Otherwise you will not be eligible for Shorts Fund.
  3. You will not be eligible for Shorts Fund even after editing and uploading Reuploaded Content or Videos of any Creator.
  4. Your Country should be Eligible for YouTube Monetization.
  5. Your youtube channel must have at least one Shorts Video uploaded in the last 180 days.
  6. The age of the creators should be 13 years or more.

How To Claim YouTube Shorts Bonus?

If you are eligible for YouTube Shorts Bonus. So Notification will come from YouTube on your Email ID or Channel.

You will get the Bonus Claim email from 7th to 10th of the month. Which you have to claim by the 25th of the month. Otherwise your bonus will expire.

To claim the bonus, you have to follow just 2 steps.

  • First you have to accept YouTube’s Terms & Conditions.
  • Second, you must have an AdSense account.

If your YouTube channel is already linked with Adsense. So all you have to do is to claim the bonus. The claimed money will be credited to your bank account.

If you do not have adsense account. So youtube will give you option to create adsense account. Create your Adsense Account and claim the bonus.

When and how will the payment of YouTube Shorts be received?

If your YouTube channel is already linked with Adsense. So the payment of YouTube shorts will come in your bank account between 21 to 26 of the month.

One important thing when your bonus will be eligible for the month of August. So you will receive the payment for the month of August in September.

Other Ways To Earn Money From Youtube Shorts

Earning money from social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc. has become the trend of today’s era. By making Shorts Videos on YouTube, you can earn lakhs of rupees sitting at home in the following way.

  • by sponsorship
  • By doing Affiliate Marketing
  • By promoting the product of your niche
  • By promoting other’s channel
  • By selling membership
  • By Brand Partnership
  • Monetizing Youtube Shorts
  • With the help of these methods, you can generate a lot of income from Youtube Shorts. The more subscribers on your channel and the more views you will get on videos. You will have equally good income.

FAQ – Youtube Shorts

Q1) Can I earn money from YouTube shorts?

Ans – Yes, you can earn money from Youtube’s Shorts Fund. The more viral your shorts video is. You will get more amount.

Q2) Is it easy to earn money from YouTube Shorts?

Ans- Brother, nothing is easy. You have to work hard to earn money. Yes it can be said that making shorts videos will require a little less effort.

Q3) Can YouTube Shorts Grow Channel?

Ans – Yes, you can also grow your channel by uploading shorts videos in your YouTube channel.

Q4) How to make YouTube Shorts Viral?

Ans – You kept uploading good YouTube shorts videos on your channel consistently. Some of your videos will definitely go viral.

Q5) How to watch YouTube Shorts?

Ans – You do not need to install any other app to watch YouTube Shorts. Because YouTube Shorts Feature is present only in the ‘Official App of YouTube’.

You just open the official app of YouTube and tap on the most dancing Shorts option. From this you can watch Shorts Videos.

Hope you like this article on youtube shorts se paise kaise kamaye? Must have liked it. You still have any questions or suggestions about YouTube Shorts. So you can tell us by commenting below.

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